Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MiMi's Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated MiMi's 60th birthday! Hopefully she won't mind me announcing her age, but all of the things we did revolved around "60" so there wasn't much way around it. ;)  We all met at Laura's parent's lake house at Pickwick on Friday.  We had a great time!  Here is a little peek into the weekend....

Ellington, Connor, and Brody had the BEST time playing with the balloons.  We blew up 60 balloons and inside the balloons were words that described MiMi.  She got to pop and read them throughout our time there.

I couldn't find E and Connor at one point.  They were on the stairs snacking away. :)

Ellington had a great time dancing with her new puppy that Big Bob and MiMi gave her!

Connor and Brody's artwork

Ellington's artwork

We also gave MiMi a book of 60 things we love and appreciate about her.

Fun times before bed with Uncle Daniel

Saturday we gave 30 sweets and 30 treats (get it??...it equals 60). 

Check out the amazing icecream cake that Julie made!

We had a wonderful time with everyone celebrating such an important birthday! 

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