Monday, October 29, 2012

Painting Pumpkins and Football Practice

One beautiful afternoon last week we headed outside to paint pumpkins.  Ellington was soooo excited!  She loves anything artsy!  

I got in on the painting action too.  Before I started I said, "Ugh.  I have no idea what to do.  I am not creative".  To which Robert replied, "You teach preschool.  I thought all preschool teachers were creative".  No sir, all preschool teachers are definitely not necessarily creative.  I can just fake it really well. :)

Ellington was SO proud of her pumpkin!  

Our finished products

After we were done with the pumpkins Robert and I wanted to stay outside because the weather was absolutely beautiful, but Ellington wanted to go back in.  She doesn't really like playing outside.  I think she gets bored or something.  I don't know...but I wish we could work on that a little bit!  Anyway, Robert decided to go get his footballs.  They had the BEST time throwing, running, kicking, etc.  Ellington absolutely adores every second she has with her Daddy.  I love watching them together!

We are LOVING fall!


  1. I wish we had a backyard. We love to play outside. Looks like fun.

  2. Love the pic of Ellington as the football!