Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ellington's 1st Vacation Bible School

The first week of June was action packed and fun filled for Ellington!  She went to Brownsville with Aunt Julie, Connor, and Brody for VBS at Big Bob and Mimi's church.  Ellington loved every second.  She looooves a "school" setting with activities, songs, games, etc. so obviously VBS is right up her alley.  Plus, she got to spend time with her grandparents, aunt, and cousins!  She had an absolute blast!  We were so thankful that she was able to do this and that they took such good care of her.  On Friday the kids did a little program and had a hotdog lunch.  Finley and I went to Brownsville Friday morning to be there for the program, lunch and to pick Ellington up.  It was so much fun!  I love seeing Ellington perform!  It was fun seeing how much she loved it and how much she learned.  Thanks Big Bob, Mimi, and Aunt Julie for making it such a special week!

Ellington is already looking forward to next year! :)

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