Thursday, August 7, 2014

Zoo Day with Grams and Pop

Grams and Pop came to visit us for a couple of days in June.  We were SO happy to have them come and since a cool day was in the forecast, we went to the zoo!

Ellington was soooo excited to show them "her" zoo. :)

The first time that we went to the zoo, Ellington was too afraid to go into the night animal exhibit.  For some reason she got fixated on wanting to go in so she was soooo excited about going in this time!  It's all she talked about.  She absolutely loved it (??) and wanted to go in again.  It's located right by the front gate so I promised her we would go again before we left.  She asked me no less than a million times while we were looking at the other animals if it was time to go back to the night animals yet. 

A rare picture of me!  Ha. 

Grams and Pop bought E this little panda and purse.  She looooves it!

We had a great time!  It's so fun being about to go to such a great zoo just whenever we please!  Come visit us and we'll take you. :)

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