Friday, August 8, 2014

Mud Island and Father's Day

On Saturday of Father's Day weekend we decided to have our first fun downtown Memphis day!  After Finley's morning nap we headed downtown for lunch at the Trolley Stop Market.  It was pretty good but we had a terrible waiter and it took forever to get our food.  Robert said we wouldn't be going back.  Ha. 

After lunch we went to Mud Island.  Ellington was sooooo excited about riding the tram!

Checking out the Mississippi River.

Ellington loved walking in the model of the Mississippi.

We also went in the museum.  I wasn't sure if we would enjoy that part, but we did!  

Ellington was ready to give Robert is Father's Day gifts bright and early on Sunday morning!

A couple of months before we left Starkville I had a local artist paint a cowbell for Robert.  The back said "Happy Father's Day from Ellington and Finley 2014".  I hope it will always be a special keepsake for him.  I also gave Robert tickets to NeedtoBreathe.  They are coming to Memphis in September and I knew that Robert really wanted to go!  I might also really be looking forward to a night out. :)

Ellington and Finley are so blessed to have such a great Daddy!

Sunday evening we went to Brownsville to celebrate Big Bob with everyone.  I guess I forgot my camera because I don't have any pictures!  We had a fun weekend!

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  1. I've never been to mud island. Looks like fun! Those are awesome father's day presents!