Friday, October 17, 2014


I was looking back through my pictures and I realized I hardly have any of August! I guess it was just hot and we were stuck inside?!  So, here is a short post of August.  Honestly...I have no clue what we did in August! :)

Ellington made Finley some necklaces and Finley wore them proudly!

Matchy matchy for church.  Cuties!

She loves it MOST when she gets to play with Ellington's toys!!!

Ellington started soccer through our church in August.  She just had practices in August...with games on Saturdays in September and October.  She was SOOOO excited the first week!  

It looks like we braved the Mississippi August heat at some point.  I am sure it didn't last long!

And well...that's about it!  At least posting about a whole month in one post will help me maybe get caught up a little faster!  

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