Saturday, October 18, 2014

First Day of School 2014

Our new school started the Tuesday after Labor Day.  I got a job at a Mother's Day Out at a local church.  We go on T/Th from 9:00-2:00.  Around here most part-time places go until 2:00 with a naptime and you bring your own lunch.  It's very different from what we are use to but I think we've adapted!

Ellington was SOOOOO ready for her first day of Pre-K 4 MDO!  She wasn't the least bit nervous and just jumped right in.  I am so proud of her and the way she just rolls with whatever comes her way!  She was most excited about taking her lunch box and her nap mat. :)  Her teacher is Mrs. Belinda and she is WONDERFUL!  

I, of course, was A NERVOUS WRECK about leaving Finley.  She still cries every.single.Sunday.morning.  I didn't know how in the world she would make it without me from 9-2!  Not to mention because we were in a totally new school, I wouldn't know her teacher.  I prayed lots and lots and lots.  And then I prayed some more.  The first few days were a little hard but honestly MUCH better than I expected.  Her teacher, Mrs. Martha is amazing.  Finley loves her so much and I know that she is being well taken care of.  It's Martha's first year at this school too and it's been a pleasure getting to know her!

I still miss our old school in Starkville more than I even have words for.  I honestly try not to think about it because it puts an instant lump in my throat.  That was our home and those sweet people (not just co-works but other families as well) loved us dearly and the feeling was mutual.  There were several precious ladies that treated my girls like their own grandchildren.  But having said that, I do feel blessed by our current school and I absolutely love Ellington and Finley's teachers and am thankful for them every day!

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