Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Fair 2014 {Part 4}

This is my last fair post!  I might get all caught up one day! :)

These sweet girls spent a little time playing together on the porch!

Aunt Reagan did a little reading to Ellington, Emerson, and Gus :)

Finley had the BEST time at the fair!!!

Aunt Reagan did double duty!

On the last night we went to the racetrack to see the acrobats!

After the acrobat show we headed to the midway for one last time!  Guess who we met there?!  Daddy!!!  He had to leave and work during the week but he came back on Friday night.  We were all happy to see him!

I did not notice him when we were there, but I did when I uploaded this picture.  Look!  It's Santa!

Thumbs up for a GREAT fair!

This was the first year that Ellington and Emerson rode a "big kid" ride.  They loooooved it!!!!!

We had a WONDERFUL fair week and as always, we are already looking forward to next time!  I am so thankful we have this special place to make so many wonderful memories!

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  1. 1.) I am SO SAD this is the last post.
    2.) That second to last photo - of E & E - is SO CUTE and should be used in every slideshow when they each graduate from high school...you know, next to a picture of them together all grown up *commence weeping*