Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

Robert and I went back and forth a million times about what we were going to do for the 4th of July. My family was going to go to a Mississippi Braves baseball game and the original plan was to go and take Ellington, even though my mom offered to keep her. I really wanted us to all go together. Then I got to thinking that it was a crazy idea because the game didn't even start until 7:00 and I hated to drive all of that way just for her to melt down. So then we decided we wouldn't go at all and considered possibly going to another city nearby and spending the night and finding something to do. Then we decided we'd go to the game and leave Ellington with my mom. Then we decided to all go. And literally went around and around and around about it. When we got home from church and the 4th of July potluck we STILL didn't know what we were going to do. At some point I just said, "We're all going to the game!" So we did and I am SOOO glad that we decided to! We had a BLAST and Ellington did GREAT!!!

Ellington sat with Reagan for a bit at the game. It was especially convenient for Robert and I because we got to eat our supper at the same time. That's no small feat! :)

E did get fussy at one point so I whisked her up the stairs (because it was really more like tortuous screams than fussy and that's annoying to other people even at a loud baseball game). Robert followed us up and we decided perhaps some more food might buy us a little more time. And buy us time it did...look at her after eating some more:

We decided not to push our luck and stay all the way until the firework show (although I really wanted to see it!). We pulled out of the parking lot at about 9:45 and Ellington had rocked it all night long! She did so fantastic and we had such a great time. It's so funny...since having Ellington anytime we successfully make it through any life event Robert and I feel like rock stars. :) It's kinda fun actually. So Ellington's first baseball game and first 4th of July were a huge success!

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  1. i mean..sometime a girl just gets hungry :) such cute pictures!