Monday, July 19, 2010

Catching Up A Little Bit

So...things have been so crazy busy and I haven't blogged as much as I would like! :( I have been putting off blogging because I feel behind, but I thought I'd post a few pictures of the last couple of weeks and then just start anew. :)

Ellington 2 Sundays ago before church.

Last Sunday, July 11th was my sister's 22nd birthday. I don't really know how she's 22. She'll always been 14 in my heart! (I know that's kind of an awkward age, Reagan. Sorry for that. But we had a whole lot of fun back then!!!) Anyway...we went down to Philadelphia to the fairgrounds for Reagan's birthday dinner. This was Ellington's first time to go to the fairgrounds. I can't believe she didn't go until it was almost fair time! Usually by this point in the summer we've spent a lot of time out there. And if you are a blog reader who isn't from around here you have no idea what "fairgrounds" and "fair time" mean...but I don't have enough words to explain it, so I'll just pretend like everyone understands!

Ellington's first swing on the porch swing!

Also, while we were there we had to get a picture of GiGi and Ellington in the fair dress my mom made for her. They are going to be in the Fair Times! (Again if you don't know what "Fair Times" is...just keep reading like you do) How cute is this dress??!!

Make a wish!

Happy Birthday Reagan!

We had a great time at the know, except for when I FELL DOWN while HOLDING my baby in a room FULL of people (thanks for helping catch us Dad!), or when Ellington screamed during the singing of "Happy Birthday" (might have to leave that part of her first bday party!), or when she screamed at the top of her lungs when Richard blew in her face. Haha...what a night! But we did have a blast!

Moving right along...

Is it time for football season yet??!! Here at the Connerley house we LOVE college football and we are so ready. We will try our best to force Ellington to love it too! :)

Peeking around the coffee table to see Daddy!

Just the other day Ellington started played peek-a-boo with the blanket on our bed. It was the cutest thing, but I didn't want to run out of the room and miss the moment in hopes that I might get a picture of her doing it. Lucky for me, she started doing it with her dress right after I took the two picture above. How cute is this?!

Sunday morning before church. (I could just die looking at the cuteness that is a bow in Ellington's hair!)

Sunday night before church.


I just realized in looking back at all of these pictures that Ellington was dressed extra adorable. Well, I also realized it is not my doings! All of the outfits, except for the brown dress with her monogram, my mom bought for her! How awesome is that?! My mom is so super helpful to when she practically put her life on hold for 2 months to help us survive having a new baby...or like last week when she kept Ellington for 2 days because Robert's work schedule changed so he couldn't keep Ellington the 2 days I worked...or how she's coming tomorrow to stay with us for a day and a half because the same thing happened again this week? Yeah, awesome. Thanks Mom! And Dad, if you are reading this, the buying of clothes is a totally appropriate behavior for a grandmother and there is no need to put a stop to it. :)

Who knows if I'll blog again this week, but Ellington's very first Neshoba County Fair will start Friday so there will be a whole lot of pictures coming soon! We are so excited and ready for it to start!!!


  1. you may think the pulling up the dress is cute now but don't let her do it when she's older. she'll get a bad rep ;)
    i love her bulldog outfit though! so precious!

  2. great post. i have been waiting and waiting!!! yes, 14 was awkward, but it was a blast. i loved those years when i was old enough to hang out with you and you were still at home in high school. its strange to think you were ever in high school.

    ellington is super cute in all these pictures.