Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Destin - Monday

Monday was our shopping day in Destin. We usually like to get there right when the outlet mall opens because it isn't as crowded, but Ellington needed a nap so we had to wait a little later this year! After E's nap we went to lunch at Pompano Joe's. None of us had ever been there before, but we wanted to eat with an ocean view so this is what we found! :) Here are a few pictures from lunch (my dad isn't with us because he was in meetings on Monday):

I wish all of my meals came with an ocean view!

After lunch we headed to the outlet mall. I had been really excited about going shopping and getting some new stuff for Ellington in the next size she needs, but it wasn't as fun as I imagined. :) It was SUPER crowded and SUPER hot. We also realized Sunday night that Ellington was starting to get a little cold so I was worried about her the whole time. We just hit a few places really quick and did not stay too long!

While Ellington was taking her afternoon nap, Robert and I went to Target to stock up on these:

If you have a baby in diapers and don't use Target's brand, you are missing out! We LOVE them. Seriously. They are only $14 for a big box. I paid for all three of these just about what I would have paid for one box of Huggies or Pampers. And they WORK! They leak less than the other brands (for Ellington anyway). Since we don't have a Target close by, we stock up big time any time we are near a Target. Robert and I really enjoyed our little outing Target. :) Any time alone together is special now!

On Monday night we got a special treat. Mr. Frank and Mrs. Janet have just bought a beach house in Destin and they happened to be there when we were there, so they invited us over for supper! It was so nice to visit with them and see their cute beach house. After supper we walked to the beach to take some pictures, so get ready for picture overload!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the beach.

This is my other favorite picture!

We didn't exactly mean for Ellington to be in water so deep! Robert was looking down at her and I had my back to the ocean taking a picture...so a big wave snuck up on us! :)

My parents with Mr. Frank and Mrs. Janet (thanks for hosting us!!!)

We LOVED taking Ellington to the beach and creating another great family memory. Now I only have ONE day left of our trip to blog about! (Thank goodness because this is taking me forever!) Stay tuned!


  1. I will so be copy-catting you on that pic of your name and date in the sand with all of your feet!!!! I LOVED these pics!!!

  2. It was also cloudy and rainy that morning so everyone decided to go to the outlet mall. Oh, it was so muggy....yuck....but lunch was fun.