Friday, July 9, 2010

Destin - Saturday & Sunday

We went to Destin, FL a couple of weeks ago and had a GREAT time! It was Ellington's very first vacation.

Ready to go! Ellington actually did really well on the long car ride!

When we got there, GiGi, Pop, and Aunt Reagan were already there waiting on us. Ellington was so happy to see them!

On Saturday night we walked down to Baytown Warf and ate supper at Rum Runners.

On Sunday morning we headed to the pool. This was Ellington's first time in a big pool! She didn't love it, but she didn't hate it either!

I hate this picture is so foggy, but my lens had trouble adjusting to being outside.

After a little time at the pool and a nap for Ellington, the three of us headed out for a bit. I had a coupon for The Children's Place that expired that day (so I couldn't use it on our big shopping day Monday) so I wanted to go use that and while we were out we ate a late lunch at Fudpucker's.

They have an alligator exhibit at the restaurant so Ellington and I checked out the albino alligator.

We just so happened to be there at the time of their alligator show. I use the word "show" very loosely, but it was really neat to watch!

Ellington taking it all in.

We had a great time together! We LOVE taking Ellington new places and showing her new things-even if she won't really remember it!

Ellington then played with Reagan,

took a nap,

and played some more!

Sunday night was a FUN night! Robert and I got to go out alone! :) We went to Harry T's and enjoyed walking around the area while we waited on our table. We enjoyed uninterrupted conversation and I ate as slowly as I wanted. It was SO nice and I really appreciate my mom for taking care of Ellington so that we could have a little break!

Funny story from supper....I don't usually eat seafood. I went to the beach THREE times last year and never ate one bite of seafood. I decided this year I would branch out a little bit so Robert and I decided to share the steamed shrimp. When they set the HUGE platter down and I looked down and gasped! They had heads, and EYES...that were looking right at me!!! I guess fresh seafood is good, but not that FRESH! Ha! So my sweet husband de-headed all of the shrimp as I looked elsewhere and hid the pile of heads (oh my, that's gross) so that I couldn't see them. Thanks babe! :) I didn't let that experience stop me though, I had seafood 2 other times on the trip!

After dinner we stopped at the Donut Hole to bring this beauty back to the room:

It was a thank you for our evening out but it was also much cheaper than the dessert at Harry T's! :)

So, that's a wrap up of our first 2 days at the beach. Stay tuned for the next 2. This post took me FOREVER though so maybe I'll get it done by Christmas. :)

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