Monday, April 5, 2010

Ellington's Half Birthday

So, I need to do a little back tracking. Last Friday was Ellington's six month birthday. As I mentioned in a previous post I was really excited about her turning six months, so we wanted to make a fun day out of it.

We started out the morning with a walk around the neighborhood. It was really overcast which is just the way Ellington likes it. She's not too fond of the sunshine. As you can see, she was still in her pjs.

I had every intention of taking more pictures throughout the day....just of our day to day stuff, but the day got away from me and that didn't happen. We did do our six month "photo shoot" for the birthday post. That's always interesting. I have to take about 30 pictures to get 5 or so good ones. :)

We don't usually go out to eat with Ellington unless we go with other people. It's just too much work and not worth it when it's just Robert and me. One person has to inhale their food while the other entertains Ellington...and then we switch. We wanted to try going out with her Friday night for her birthday. I had a successful experience earlier in the week eating at City Bagel at lunch with some friends...and we thought we might try that again. Robert and I haven't been together since before Ellington was born. So, with our big six month old, who was surely perfect because she had turned six months...we headed off to City Bagel. :)

We decided to eat outside in hopes that it would be more entertaining for Ellington and that if she got fussy it wouldn't be any big deal.

Well, Ellington decided to show us that she is still the boss. We had to leave in the middle of our meal because she was BREAKING DOWN. Oh well. At least we tried. When we got home she was totally ok. We continued with our birthday festivities with singing Happy Birthday and having a little cake.

While trying to take pictures of Ellington with her cake I definitely put the lens of my camera INTO the cake. Nice. I don't know if my camera will ever be the same. :) It will definitely always have pink icing in places I couldn't clean.

Even though our day didn't go exactly as planned, we still had a wonderful day with our sweet little six month old baby girl.

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