Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Midweek Randoms

Ya'll, I am just having the worst time getting back on the blogging wagon!  These are a few recent pictures that I thought I would share today.   

Bubble time!

A couple of weeks ago (I think on a Friday evening?) we went to a new tractor supply store in town. (I know right?  Living in a small town is so exciting!).  We were going to let E pick out a couple of little vehicles, but when she saw this horse she fell in love.  She has always LOVED horses so a pink horse suited her just right!  She named her Daisy.

Ellington has never wanted ANYTHING to do with suckers.  If someone gave her one she has always enjoyed just holding it, but she hadn't ever wanted any part of putting it in her mouth.  We went to the ENT last week for her one year tube check up, and like usual the dr. gave her a sucker when we were done.  She kept asking me to open it and I told her we had to wait until we got home.  I just assumed she would hold it for a bit and then throw it away.  Much to my surprise she put it in her mouth!  She kept saying, "This is SOOO tasty!"  Ha!  I guess she finally realized what she had been missing.

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  1. The picture of E hugging the horse is so sweet!