Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Table, Sno-Cones, and Picture Day

We had been planning on getting Ellington a little table with chairs with some money that she got for Christmas.  I spent a ton of time searching the internet for what I wanted...size, color, price, reviews, etc. etc.  I just kept putting off ordering anything because I was never 100% sure of my decision.  I REALLY wanted to decide and order something before the summer got here.  I want to do a good bit of "school" type activities with E this summer and our current activity/art spot has been on the floor...which isn't always the best.  Anyway, when we went to Memphis last weekend we went to Pottery Barn Outlet (like always) and found the PERFECT table!!!  Some great things about this table as compared to the one I was going to's longer (the other one was square and this is rectangular), it's taller (so that she can grow into it), and it's better quality (while I don't usually care for PB prices...the quality is definitely top notch).  Also, the price on this table??!!... super affordable and about the same as the smaller, poorer quality one I was going to buy.   Then came the situation of chairs.  I really wanted 4 chairs.  Obviously we don't need 4 chairs day to day, but I thought it would come in handy for play dates, birthday parties, and future children!  They had only two of the pink chairs you see below, but plenty of these precious red old school house type chairs.  The school chairs were $99 for two.  And well, we couldn't afford to buy four.  Ultimately we decided to go with the pink ones because we thought if one day we wanted to get two other wood chairs (even if they weren't an exact match) we could always paint all of the chairs the same color.  Then...I remembered that I got two little wooden rounded back chairs from our daycare when they were getting rid of them!  They are in storage in Philadelphia, but we can get them when we need them!  Hooray!  

Robert put the table together one night after E went to bed.  Of course when she saw it in the morning she wanted to eat her breakfast there!

Another good thing is that I can also sit comfortably at the table too!  Her feet don't even almost touch the floor yet so she's got plenty of growing room.  I am so happy about that fact especially if we end up homeschooling.  It will work perfectly for quite awhile!

On Tuesday afternoon we had NO food in this house.  The fridge and cabinets were bare.  We didn't even have bread.  Also the laundry needed to be done and the house needed an overall organizational sweep.  So what did we do???  

We went to get sno-cones and to the park! :)

Sometimes on a beautiful Spring day, it's totally ok to run away from your responsibilities!

Groceries have since been bought, laundry has been done, and the house is pretty tidy.  I am glad we pretended like all of that didn't exist for an afternoon. :)

Wednesday was class picture day at school.  Yes, that is my child with a big bow and collared shirt ready for preschool.  Yes, we live in the South. :)

I love dressing Ellington in a way that most people would consider a little too "frilly".  Actually I LOVE it.  It's funny to me that in some parts of the country (and even to some people here), that it's a little ridiculous.  I almost never put Ellington in jeans because I think it makes her look too old.  She's maybe worn jeans five times this fall/winter.  And if we have a boy one day, I fully intend to dress him like this while he's little too!  They are only little once, after all. 


  1. She's so cute and I totally agree! They are only little once they need to look cute while doing it :)