Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break - The Beginning

Last week was our Spring Break and even though we only go to school three mornings a week, it was much needed!  I'm going to break up our week into three posts because it's quite a lot to fit into one!  

The first weekend of Spring Break, Ellington and I went to Philadelphia on Saturday.  We had to take Gus to my parents and Reagan was going to be there that weekend so we decided to go too.  Robert of course had to work the weekend so he missed out on the fun.

Ellington loves playing with Reagan!

Reagan got E this adorable bunny mask :)

My Mom got Ellington a new baby doll and every time I saw it out of the corner of my eye I thought it was real.  Even when I see this picture I sometimes think it's a real baby!  Ha.  I have no idea why!

Sunday morning before church
(Ellington and I drove back to Starkville Sunday morning so we could meet Robert at our church)

Sunday evening we hosted our small group at our house.  Ellington eagerly waited at the door.

Ellington and Wade played while we waited on everyone else to arrive.  

We spent a couple of mornings in our pjs!

Ellington did a little painting...

and played in the sink!
(By the way, she LOVED this activity!  She stood there playing for about 45 minutes!)

We really enjoyed the break from school.  Thursday morning Ellington and I went to Columbus to a consignment sale...or, that was the plan anyway.  It was in a new location and we got lost trying to find it.  We were leaving to go out of town Thursday so I didn't really have time to get un-lost and keep looking.  It was very frustrating because I was really excited about going to the sale.  Robert was probably happy that I didn't find it. :)

The rest of our week will be coming soon!

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  1. ADORABLE pic of Ellington and Wade! I just love reading your blog.