Friday, November 22, 2013

Finley {4 Months}

You turned 4 months old almost a month ago (oops!) on November 2nd.  I did however, take your picture on time.  I am just a bit late in posting about what you are up to.  :)

-You weight 16 lbs and are in the 95th percentile for weight
-You are 25 inches long and in the 75th percentile for length
-You wear size 6 months clothes and size 3 diaper
-You have started sleeping in your room!  Right after you turned 3 months old we moved you into your room.  Mommy stayed in the room with you the first few weeks, but you are on your own now!  
-You still sleep in your miracle blanket and nap nanny
-You go to school now!  The BIGGEST change since right after you turned 3 months is that you go to "school" 3 mornings a week now.  You do great and love your teachers!  
-You usually take 2 small morning naps and one long afternoon nap
-You nurse on demand.  I really don't keep up with when/how often/etc. at all.  We just go with the flow!
-You don't sleep well at night. :( You wake up lots and lots and lots throughout the night.  Right around the time you were 3 months old you were doing GREAT at night.  We have kind of gone down hill since then.  
-You are soooooo smiley!  As long as someone is talking to you, you are usually smiling!
-You are able to fall asleep without nursing now
-You can grasp toys and put them in your mouth
-You smile instantly at the sight of your Mama, your Daddy, and your sister.  We all think it's the best thing ever. :)
-You still refuse all bottles and have still never taken a single sip from one.  I guess at this point you probably won't ever start drinking from a bottle!  Oh well.  
-You still don't like stop lights at all!  
-You get lots of attention when we go places because you are so chubby! :)
-You love chewing on your fingers

You are such a precious, sweet baby!  We all love you sooooo much and we are delighted that you are in our lives.  We can't imagine our family without you!  

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