Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pre-Thanksgiving Fun!

We had a busy week last week!  We had our small group Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday night, I hosted a girls night at our house Monday night, Tuesday night we went to ChickfilA's turkey night and then I went to a going away dinner for my boss, and on Friday we had a Thanksgiving party at school and Thanksgiving parent lunch!  Whew! 

Tuesday night CFA had a turkey night.  They had live turkeys, a blue grass band, and turkey crafts!  Ellington loooves the CFA cow!

Gobble gobble!

Sweet Finley is just always along for the ride!

This is Mrs. Jenna.  We loooove her!  She does Mini Moo time on Thursday mornings.  Ellington thinks Mrs. Jenna is her own personal best friend. :)  I know CFA usually has great employees but I think that our CFA has the BEST EVER.  The are all amazing (especially Mrs. Jenna!) :)

After CFA I had to go to a going away party for my boss.  The director I have had since I was a college student working at FUMC is leaving and taking a job somewhere else.  The dinner started at 6:00 but the waiter was really slow and I don't think everyone even had a drink by 6:30.  Needless to say the whole process took awhile.  Robert had to call me at 7:30 to see if I could come on home because Finley was pretty upset.  I had to get a to-go box and leave a little early!  I am having to remind myself a lot lately that this season with Finley will be short and before long I will be a little more flexible!

Friday morning we had a little party in our classroom.  I keep our parties pretty low key.  Because goodness, they are energetic enough without a party! :)

Friday was also the parent Thanksgiving lunch at school.  Ellington was SO happy to have Robert come!

So much Thanksgiving fun!


  1. Fun! I think the empty chair in the class pic must be for James :) Can't believe he would have been in your class this year!

    1. Aw! That could definitely be his chair! :)

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