Monday, November 3, 2014

Ellington's First Soccer Game (Also Known As- The Morning We All Almost Died of a Heatstroke)

As I posted earlier, Ellington played soccer this fall with our church.  Practice started in August (every Thursday night) and games were Saturday mornings in Sept and Oct.  This was our first venture into sports and I must say...all of us Connerleys realized we were more "ballet people".  Haha.  E looooved practice but hated the games.  There are several reasons for that (all of which I completely understood!!) but we stuck it out since it was a really short season!  These are a few pictures from her first game.  It was sooooooooo hoooooooot.   Like, we were dying.  It was awful!  And poor E had to run around in those THICK soccer socks!  

Ellington is #3!

Finley spotted her big sister and gave a little wave! :)

Look who played goalie for a little bit!

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