Wednesday, June 2, 2010

8 Months

Little E,
You are 8 months old today! We can hardly believe you've gotten so old and every day I ask your Daddy, "Can you believe how big she's getting?!". You have been such a JOY and DELIGHT over the last month. We have had so much fun and have loved watching you accomplish so much! You gave your Momma a really hard time trying to take your monthly picture today. You wanted to grab the camera, wave your arms, and at the end you figured out you could pull the sticker off! There's definitely no more propping you in one spot to take your picture! :)

This is the best one I got!

Hmmmm....what's that you've got? (You can see her first little tooth in this picture!...if you can't see it, click on the picture and it will enlarge it)

Yes, I think I'll take it!

Ooohh...I see something fun over there!

Mom, are we done yet?

Yep, we're done....let me just get this sticker off!

Ellington, here's what you are up to at 8 months old:
  • You wear 6-9 month clothes, although you are getting to be too long for some of them!
  • You wear a size 3 diaper.
  • You have baby food 3 times a day and usually have 3-4 bottles a day, but you don't really like your bottle at all anymore.
  • You were sleeping through the night most nights, but have been waking in the night every night for a couple of weeks now...and waking twice a night for the last three nights. Yikes! I know you love me, but it's ok with me if you want to just see me in the morning. :)
  • You still take 3 naps a day most days (one longer morning and two short afternoon ones) but we are trying to get you down to 2 solid naps a day.
  • You have started sitting up all on your own and you are so proud of yourself!
  • Your favorite toy to play with is your stacking cups. You love to have one cup in each hand and bang them together!
  • Your first little tooth has just started coming through and it's the cutest little tooth I've ever seen!
  • You love to be out and about. You are usually content in your stroller and have just started sitting in a high chair at restaurants!
  • You are still really attached to Mommy and Daddy, but you are getting more and more friendly with other people.
  • You reach for me and it's the SWEETEST.THING.EVER.
  • You love love love jumping in your Jumperoo.
  • You are grabbing everything within your reach!
  • You still love bananas, but mangos are giving them a run for their money.
  • You are now making so many different kinds of noises. You've always got something to say, but just can't quite get the words out!
Ellington, we've had such a great 8 months with you and it just keeps getting better! Thanks for being the sweetie pie that you are...and even when you aren't being such a sweetie pie, we love you more than anything in the whole wide world!


  1. Awwww. YOu didn't tell me about the tooth...Such a big girl And those baby teeth are so cute.

  2. the tooth is most like the reason for waking at night. Don't you just love those little things? The molars are the worse...Cal is dealing with those now! Awesome post.