Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Whole Heap of Firsts!

During the month of May Ellington had so many "firsts". I tried really hard to capture each one. She really grew, changed, and accomplished so many new things in the last month.

1. Sitting up and playing

First, she would sit up and play with the support of her Boppy pillow, but she now can do it all on her own!

These are the cups I mentioned in her 8 month birthday post. She LOVES these things!

2. Sleeping without the Miracle Blanket

When Ellington turned 7 months old last month I decided it was way past time to get rid of her miracle blanket. She did a great job of transitioning to sleep without it.

3. Bath in the big bath tub

4. Riding in the shopping cart

Reagan and I took Ellington on her first stroll in the big kid seat in the shopping cart. Because the back was kind of slanted, she kept leaning over so we've put this on hold for a little bit! I usually carry her in the baby carrier when we go to the grocery store.

5. Trying some real foods

When we were in Memphis for Daniel and Laura's wedding, Ellington got her first taste of something other than baby food. At lunch she tried a pickle and LOVED it and the next day at brunch she tried pineapple and melon.

6. Sippy cup

We have been offering Ellington a sippy cup of water and she hasn't gotten it down (at all!), but we'll keep trying. I want some other way to keep her hydrated this summer! Surely at some point she'll figure it out.

7. Shoes

I haven't really ever put shoes on Ellington. I don't think babies need shoes. It's just an added expense for no reason. She did wear some little shoes for the wedding, but they were more like little slippers. I put these cute shoes on her one day recently when I decided to take her jumperoo outside in the carport. I didn't want her jumping on the concrete in bare feet. These little shoes looked so sweet on her feet!

8. Big girl car seat

We recently got Ellington a convertible car seat to have in the Explorer. I think she really likes it! She looked so big in it to me!

9. Finding toes

Ellington found her toes awhile back, but recently realized she could get them in her mouth!

10. Highchair

Ellington has started sitting in a highchair when we go out to eat! She doesn't at home yet. I still feed her in her little chair (seen in the sippy cup picture) because it's much easier to feed her when she's reclined a little bit! She does great in a high chair when we're out though. She loves sitting up with everyone!

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