Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I want to wish Robert a very happy first Father's Day! Robert, you are an amazing dad and it has been such a joy watch you fall into your roll. Ellington is so blessed to have you as her Daddy. I love you more and more every day watching you love her.

There are a lot of memories that stick out to me, but there is one that sticks out more than the others. As you know, Ellington's colic started at the beginning of November. One evening she was screaming and screaming and screaming. You took her in her room to rock her and I was in the kitchen. In just a few seconds I heard you singing Christmas carols to her and she quieted down to listen to you sing. At that moment it just hit me (maybe I'm a little slow)...that you are her Daddy and that you love her more than anything. It's been such a blessing watching you two grow closer and closer.

Thank you for the amazing Daddy that you are and for the support you give me as a Mommy. I couldn't do this without you!

We also want to wish Pop and Big Bob a Happy Father's Day as well! We love ya'll and are so thankful for the great Dads and Granddads you both are for us!!!


  1. Such a sweet post. And Ellington is very fortunate to have the men in her life that she has....