Monday, June 14, 2010

Letting Go (Just A Little Bit)

This past Thursday morning we told Ellington she was going to go to Philadelphia to stay with GiGi and Pop all by herself for 2 nights. Here was her reaction:

Haha...just kidding. Ellington did go stay with my parents for 2 nights last week and it was such a much needed treat! I was reeeeally nervous about being away from her. She has stayed with my parents twice before, but under much different circumstances. Both times were pretty early on and one of the times was during "The Colic of 2009". When she stayed with them previously it was (quite honestly) to keep me from LOSING MY MIND. This time I did need a break, but I hadn't been away from her like that since January and during that time she had developed pretty serious separation all of this to say, I felt like I was leaving her for the first time! She did GREAT though and I got some much needed down time. Seeing her again on Saturday morning was the BEST! I missed my girl!

Robert has also been keeping Ellington two mornings a week. I have gone back to work on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at First Methodist as the Parent's Morning Out infant teacher. I love going and doing something a little different, but more than that I love knowing Ellington is home with Robert...and having a blast! When I come home she is always in the BEST mood. It's so precious. I'm glad they have had the opportunity to have some special time together. I'm also thankful for a husband who is willing take care of his little girl all by himself!!!

Ellington has also started staying in the nursery for Sunday night church. Last night was her 2nd time. We hadn't ever tried going on Sunday nights with her because her bed time use to be earlier and she was always a super grouch muffin before bed. When we heard about the church wide summer Bible study we thought we would try it out since Ellington has gotten a lot better in the evenings. During the summer they don't do "regular" services, instead they do a church wide study. From 5:00-5:30 everyone meets in the sanctuary for a couple of songs and a video about our Bible study, Compelled by Love. Then we split up into small group from 5:30-6:30. After we're done they have super for everyone as a fellowship time. Our favorite part is definitely the supper. Ha! But, it's not for the reasons you would think (you know, the free meal!). We have really really enjoyed getting to share a meal with new people from the church. Each week we've been we've sat with different people (who we didn't know) and now that's just a few more people we do know! It's been a GREAT way to meet more people! I think getting to know people at church can be really hard when you're just going to the services, so this has been great. They also do a theme for the supper each week and really go out of their way to make it special. This week's theme was MSU tailgating complete with tents, maroon and white decorations, and face painting. So fun! I was REALLY nervous about leaving E in the nursery the first week because we didn't know the nursery workers, but I was pleasantly surprised when she made it the whole time. Last night was a different story! About 20 minutes before it was suppose to be over, we got paged to come get her. Bless her heart, she was red and splotchy and SCREAMING. :( After we got out of the room I started crying too!!! But we got her calmed down and were able to go to the supper. We got to sit with one of Ellington's Sunday School teachers and get to know her and her husband so that was neat!


  1. I would say your little joke at the beginning wasn't funny, but I laughed out loud so I guess it was. Sorry she became upset Sunday night, but at least she made it as long as she did.

  2. love that first picture!