Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gatlinburg Part 1

Last week we spent a few days in Gatlinburg, TN with the whole Connerley family. It was so much fun being in such a beautiful place with our family. With the craziness of Robert's job since May we haven't gotten to see them as much as we would like. It was good to be together! Ellington did MUCH better on the drive than we ever expected! Hooray! Once we got there I felt like I could get excited about the trip. :)

I love seeing Ellington with her cousin, aunts, and uncles! Both of my parents were the only child in their families so I grew up without any cousins, aunts, or uncles. She is so blessed to have so many people that love her. This was the first time that she and Connor were really able to play together. She loved watching him and laughing at him!

I know I'm a little biased, but man...she's cute!

On our first full day there (but sadly, Brad, Julie, and Connor's last day), we had a picnic. A very beautiful, but COLD picnic!

Ellington LOVES her Uncle Jake!

Big Bob and MiMi

Big Bob and MiMi bought Ellington this bear that she absolutely loves! She learned to say "bear" while we were gone...she also learned to say Big Bob, Laura (La-La), and sock during our trip!

The whole gang!

While we were in Gatlinburg everyone was so sweet to celebrate mine and Robert's birthday! We aren't going to be able to go to Brownsville closer to our birthdays so we celebrated a little early! We went to eat and then went back to the cabin for cake and gifts! Thanks everyone!!! :)

I will be posting about the rest of the trip soon, so stay tuned!

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  1. So thankful that you had a good time. It's great that Ellington got to know the Connerley side of the family a little better.