Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I've Got Two

They say, "A good man is hard to find". Well, I must be really blessed because I've got two! I have such a great husband and Dad. I am so fortunate to have a Dad who would move the world to take care of me and a husband who would do exactly the same. A few weeks ago my Dad spent a Friday night at our house so he could go to a basketball game that night and then to the Mississippi State/Alabama football game the next day. And do you know what he did in his down time? He worked in our yard. Such a blessing.

Ellington was so mesmerized watching them bag leaves! I am also thrilled that Ellington has such amazing men in her life. She has a dad, two grandfathers, one great grandfather, and four uncles who are all amazing men. Such a blessed little girl!

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