Monday, November 1, 2010

Go State!

On Saturday Robert, Ellington, and I headed to MSU's basketball scrimmage with Reed (Robert's best buddy from college). We are looking forward to taking Ellington to some basketball games this season!

We didn't stay the whole time at the scrimmage (because really...watching your team play your team is kind of boring) so we walked to the Union to have lunch. The weather was beautiful and Ellington enjoyed strolling and watching all of the people tailgating.

After we got back from being on campus for awhile Ellington and Reed had a big time playing together. She was really unsure of him all day, but I guess she finally decided he was ok. :)

Saturday night Dad, Reagan, Robert, and I went to the football game. This was the first game I have been to in quite awhile! Last season I was VERY pregnant and then had a newborn...and this year I just hadn't been yet. I LOVE watching football on tv, but I hadn't forgotten how much fun it is to actually be at the game....especially when we WIN!!! We had a great time!

Reagan met up with some friends after the game and Robert, Dad, and I headed for the car. When we got to where Robert parked the was gone! Yep, we got towed. Robert parked at a nearby hotel which didn't have anyone guarding the parking lot and had no signs posted about not parking there. But, just in case you are aren't suppose to park there!!! We had to walk home. Luckily, our house is close enough to walk to...but it isn't so close that I have ever even considered walking to or from a game. Long story short....$200 later we got our car back. :(

Despite the yucky ending to the day we had a great time cheering for the Bulldogs on Saturday!

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  1. I love how quick you were at putting up pictures from this weekend! I always check your blog at work, so it was great to look at tonight. I am SO glad I got to spend so much time with y'all this weekend! It was a perfect weekend:)