Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Weekend in Philadelphia

Ellington and I spent this past weekend in Philadelphia. Here's a rundown of what we did:

1. Ellington enjoyed breakfast in pjs and accessorized with a matching bow. (Normally we don't accessorize with our pjs, but her hair is getting so long and was ALLLL in her face.)

2. Ellington practiced her mad crawling skills. My parent's house has an open floor plan (unlike ours), so she had plenty of space to roam!

3. Mom, Reagan, Ellington, and I had lunch at the Coffee Bean before doing a little shopping.

4. Ellington looked cute.

5. Reagan and Ellington read books.

6. Reagan and I threw a little party for our soon-to-be nephew Emerson! I cooked, Reagan decorated, organized, and assisted in the kitchen! We were so thrilled to celebrate with Bryant and LeAnna and give the first time parents some much needed baby goodies!

7. We ate.

8. We watched Bryant and LeAnna open presents. (Check Ellington out. Ha! She was so interested in what they were doing. She even "oooohhhed and aaaahhhed" as the gifts were opened! Ha! Where does she get this stuff from?!)

9. We congratulated the parents-to-be.

10. We complimented my parents on all of their new living room furniture. It looks great and is super comfy!

11. Ellington and Reagan acted silly.

We also had a full Sunday morning, but I didn't take a SINGLE picture. :( Robert was able to join us Sunday morning (he had to work Saturday) and we all went to church together. Ellington lasted most of the service, but Robert had to take her out near the end. She wasn't crying or fussy...just getting restless! My church in Philadelphia always has a big potluck the Sunday before Thanksgiving so we enjoyed that as well! Ellington went to town on sweet potato casserole. :) We also went to the Thanksgiving lunch last year and this is Ellington in her car seat before we went to Philadelphia:

Crazy, huh? Time flies. Anyway, we had a great weekend and Ellington and I are enjoying the week off from school! :) Do you know what this means?? I get to see my husband for MORE than 45 minutes a day! Hooray! We tremendously enjoyed our morning together this morning and are looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.

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