Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rise and Shine

A couple of weeks ago I went in to wake Ellington up from a nap. Usually the second I open the door she wakes up, but this time she stayed asleep so I grabbed my camera to get a picture. That probably seems weird, but Ellington is NOT a baby who just sleeps anywhere and like I said, if we open the door she wakes up so I wanted to catch the moment.

She has just recently started sleeping on her stomach every now and then. Before physical therapy she always refused to be on her stomach. She is a little more willing now!

Ellington LOVES to hang out in her crib after she wakes up! She thinks it is such a fun time! In fact, if you take her out of the crib too soon she throws a fit!!! This does not work well when we're trying to get somewhere quick. Since I already had my camera in the room I took some pictures of her sweet little self. These pictures aren't anything exciting, but they are so special to me. She will never be exactly that size again and it shows just an every day moment in her life. (And just fyi...she doesn't usually dress like this for naps! We had been somewhere before her nap and she just went straight to bed because she was so tired!)

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