Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Sippy Cup! Finally!!!

Ellington finally started drinking out of a sippy cup! Hooray!!! In efforts to try and get her to take sippy cup we've bought LOTS of different kinds. Each time we would hope the new cup would work...and it wouldn't. Well, we bought a package of "Take & Toss" cups to take to Gatlinburg so we didn't have to worry about washing them. Even though she wasn't drinking out of a cup before the trip, we still wanted her to at least have the option. Well...our girl just wanted the cheap cups! Ha! We are soooo relieved that she's finally drinking on her own!

And just to show that we've been working on it for awhile...here's Ellington in May trying out a sippy cup for the first time.


  1. yay for E!!! Its crazy how different she looks from the picture taken in May. Crazy!

  2. I can't believe how much she has changed between May and now...Wow! Glad she has reached this milestone, too.

  3. Yeah for the sippy cup!!! My kids love the cheap ones as well. Thank goodness.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday. :)