Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My 2nd Favorite Holiday

I LOVE the 4th of July.  My dream one day is to live in a neighborhood that has a big 4th of July block party.  There will be tons of food, a bike parade (the kids decorate their bikes in red, white, & blue of course!), icecream, fireworks, etc.  It's going to be great.  When that happens I will know that I have made it.  Dream big.

This 4th of July we went to Big Bob and MiMi's house in Tennessee.  We got there on Saturday and stayed until Monday.  We had a great time!  So, here is another post with a million pictures.  I promise at some point I will return to posting only a few pictures!

Ellington had a big milestone on Sunday.  She stayed in the church nursery at Big Bob & MiMi's church!  We usually just keep her with us because of her separation anxiety, but it's gotten much better with age.  She did really well!  When we picked her up she had this ADORABLE 4th of July hat.  Have I mentioned I love the 4th of July??!!!  This hat just made it 10 times better!

Sunday night we went to the annual church picnic.  This was my third time to go, but it was Ellington's first time.  We had a fantastic time, but of course it was HOT!

Enjoying a hotdog bun!

We parked our chairs in front of one of the big fans to listen to the music.

MiMi has a fish pond that Ellington loves.  She got to feed the fish and she was in heaven!

Monday morning (the 4th!)

We went to Memphis for just a bit of shopping.  We had to make a quick stop at Macy's and we let Ellington play in the playground area for a few minutes.  She LOVED it!!!  I wish we had something indoors like this that we could enjoy more often!

After a quick stop at the mall and a visit to Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma outlets we had BBQ for lunch!  It was DELICIOUS!  I mean, delicious.  We were so happy that Jake was able to meet us for lunch!

We had a fantastic weekend, but we are looking forward to settling back down for a little bit.  Destin followed by a weekend away is a lot for a little girl (and her parents!).  While we have been away Ellington has been staying up much later, waking up earlier, and taking shorter naps so we need our routine back!  Thanks Big Bob & MiMi for a wonderful weekend!


  1. So glad you had a good weekend. I love the pictures. Keep them coming.

  2. i grew up in one of those blockpartyin' neighborhoods and the 4th of july bashes were the bomb!