Friday, July 1, 2011

Destin - Day 3

Monday was our shopping day in Destin. We started off the morning at Target because the outlet mall doesn't open until 10:00. If you have young children, you realize that this is in fact, a little late. :) We can get up and at it much earlier than 10:00!

We met up with Bryant, LeAnna, and Emerson at the outlet mall for a little shopping.  Although a little less shopping and a little more "Mamas run in and look/shop really fast while Daddys entertain and push babies".  The shopping trip was pretty short lived, although we did get a few great buys.  We all had McAlister's for lunch.  My Dad was in meetings all day on Monday so he missed out on the shopping. :)

After Ellington's afternoon nap, she enjoyed our view!

We decided to go to The Back Porch for supper.  I had great plans of getting family pictures and pictures of Ellington.  It didn't work out so well.  The sun was still too bright and Ellington was having none of it.  Except for when we very first got there she wouldn't stand at all in the sand and definitely wouldn't consider sitting in it.  I was really disappointed about not getting good pictures, but life goes on. :)

This was the best family picture we got.

Squinty eyes!!!

Ellington decided to use her frisbee (which was her kids meal plate) as a hat!

After supper Robert and I took Ellington to an outdoor mall so that she could play in the water.  The water was a little intense for her so she didn't get in.  Luckily, there was a playground area so she enjoyed that instead!

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  1. Destin is one of those places we've wanted to visit but haven't had the chance. It looks beautiful!!! Such cute pics.