Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Calm Day

Yesterday was one of the first "normal" days in what seems like a loooong time.  No one came to see our house (and therefor we didn't have to disappear for awhile), we didn't look at any houses, we didn't have a meeting with the bank or realtor, we didn't have to tie up loose ends at school, etc.  We pretty much just did what we wanted, which was nice. :)  

We met Ellington's friend Austin and her mom Ashia at the park.  We weren't able to go to our favorite park because there was a bus full of older school kids.  Ugh.  On my way to the park I was thinking how thankful I was that we still have just a little bit longer before school kids get out of school and therefor it would only be little kids there....wrong.  Oh well.  At least we had another option.  The girls still had fun!

Other than a trip to Wal-Mart we just hung out at home Monday afternoon and evening.  I pulled out a toy from my teacher stash.  There are definitely some perks to being a child of a preschool teacher. :)

Robert had to go to work early, so I was on the evening shift alone again. :)  This is usually a REALLY hard time of day for me when he goes in early.  By this point I have already had a long day with E and I am usually completely out of ideas (and energy!) by this point.  Last night we had a blast though!  As long as she isn't whiny (which happens a lot lately), this is such a fun age!!!

We were thankful for a calm day!

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