Monday, May 21, 2012

Friends, Flowers, and a Pool Party

This post is kind of a catch up post of the last few days. (Minus house craziness which seems to be a daily chore..which we are happy about, but overwhelmed by nonetheless) Friday afternoon we had a special little visitor, Thomas. His parents are in our small group and his Mama had something come up at the last minute so he got to hang out with us for a little bit! Ellington did great sharing her toys...and her Mama. :) 

Thomas didn't seem to mind all of the girly toys!

Cutie pie.  We are enjoying all of our time at home!

One of Ellington's VERY favorite activities is picking "flowers".

I know this is a stretch, but after I took the picture below I thought about her holding a bouquet of flowers at her wedding.  Instant lump in throat.

Sunday night for small group, the kiddos had a little pool party.  Ellington was BESIDE herself with excitement!!!  She had the absolute best time ever!

Haha!  At one point they all had their own pool. :)

Afterwards the kids do what kids do best. It was LOUD but so fun.

We are beyond thankful for our little group of new friends.  It's so fun to hang out with and talk to people who are in the same life stage...little kids, big decisions, etc.  It's great just being able to share our lives with each other.  And to those of you who are reading this...we love ya'll! :)

Today we are starting potty training.  I am not excited and neither is Ellington. :)  I don't want to do it but the world tells me I should. Ha!  I now it's time...really past time, but it doesn't make me want to do it any more.  So I'll be updating about this new adventure soon!


  1. My eyes got a little watery with the wedding bouquet comment. So true. Go into potty training with confidence. If you give it your best and she's not into it, don't force it. Granted I've never done it but that's my advice.

  2. Awwww... we love yall, too!!! :u)

    (oh--and GO Ellington! You can do this! Seriously, if any child can, it will be her!)