Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cotton District Arts Festival

Two weekends ago  it was Super Bulldog Weekend.  We were excited to have two house guests for the weekend- Reagan and Charleigh!  The only SBW "activity" Robert, E, and I did all weekend was go to the arts festival, but we had the BEST time!  We also enjoyed having Reagan and Charleigh with us!  We always have fun chatting wit them. :)  I have taken almost ZERO pictures in the last few weeks, but I did take my camera to the festival and I think we got some cute ones!

We enjoyed lunch in the grass!  I think this was my favorite part...eating, listening to music, and people watching!  I could have sat there all day.

She was having a blast!

The house selling and buying process is pretty much consuming all of our time right now, but hopefully I will be back to regular picture taking and blogging soon!  Tomorrow is our last day of school (crazy!) so hopefully I can find some more time...or at least a little more brain space.  :)


  1. I just love a new blog post!

  2. Absolutely LOVE Ellington's pants!! Too cute!