Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!  Our weekend didn't go exactly as planned, but I'll have to back up a bit to explain.  Thursday night we got an offer on our house.  It was a GREAT offer and it was super exciting!!!  Friday morning we went to our realtor's signed the papers and made a plan for looking at a couple of more houses on Saturday.  We had already looked at quite a few houses, but we knew we had to make a decision on Saturday or in 30 days we would be homeless. :)  It was crazy, but exciting!!  Saturday morning we looked at two homes and came home for lunch with two more homes scheduled for after Ellington's nap.  While we were at home in between the two home hunting sessions our realtor called and said that the people buying our house had pulled the offer.  And ya'll, it was like the wind was gone from our sails!  We know it isn't the end of the world and it will be ok but we were so excited and we were planning to make an offer on a home...possibly that very day!  So yeah, it was disappointing.  Really really.  

Obviously, Sunday morning was Mother's Day.  It was kind of a bummer because we had to fill in in the nursery and had to miss the church service.  I really don't mind helping out it was just not exactly what I wanted to do on Mother's Day. :)  Plus, because of being out of town or being sick I feel like we have been to church maybe once in the last month and a half.  We had the one year olds (and kept Ellington with us as well) and ya'll there was this little boy in there that I wanted to take home with me!  ADORABLE.  I need a little boy ASAP. :)

Ellington and I before church! :)  I am so proud to be her Mama!!!

At church we had a couple of people tell us about a couple who is looking for a house and that they want something in the price range of our home.  While at lunch one of the people called us and said the couple wanted to see our house and they were given our number.  Normally we wouldn't show our house ourselves, but since they don't live in Starville and it kind of randomly happened quickly, we said they could come by.  Well, we waited and waited for them to call, but finally decided to go ahead and put E down for nap.  She was wound up and we kept having to go in and tell her to lay back down.  About 30 minutes later the couple called and said they were on their way.  Since E wasn't asleep yet we decided to go ahead and get her up because showing the house was worth no nap. :)  So, we got her up...finished tidying everything and waited.  They called about 10 or so minutes after we got Ellington up and said they couldn't come b/c their baby was kind of done for the morning.  Ya'll, I about lost it!!!  I totally understand a fussy baby so I wasn't mad at them but it was kind of like the final frustration that I couldn't deal with.  Not to mention it was only 1:45 and Ellington was up for the rest of the day!!!  Normally even if she doesn't sleep I make her stay in bed until at least 2:45.  

I KNEW we had to turn the day around so I decided we would take Ellington to the fountains on campus for the first time this year.  She was BEYOND excited. :)

It was SOOOO much fun seeing the complete joy on her face!!!  Definitely the best gift for a Mama!  After playing in the water we went for ice cream!  When we pulled in the parking lot Ellington kept saying "I can do it myself. Mama you get yours."  Ha!!  She was trying to tell me that she wanted to have her own and not share mine like we usually do.  So she got her own little cup for the first time. :)

While the weekend didn't turn out like we expected...we didn't pick out our future home or begin was still a special weekend with my two favorite people. :)


  1. Your Mom says:
    I am so glad you managed to salvage your weekend and while you had some disappointment, the most important things were wonderful!-Your time with Ellington and Robert. Fair cabin is ready to go.

  2. Cute swimsuit!!