Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Potty Training Day 1 By The Numbers

1- Nervous Mama
2- Morning accidents
57- Fits thrown by a 2 1/2 year old who did NOT want to sit on the potty
20- Minutes between potty visits
0- Actual outfits worn
2- Girls in pjs all day
475- Books read while in the bathroom
1- Very wet naptime diaper
0- Afternoon Accidents
2- M&Ms consumed after successful potty trips
1- Proud Mama

We did it!  We made it through one day yesterday.  It was MUCH better than I expected.  I guess I made it out to be so horrible in my mind that the reality wasn't bad at all. :)  Definitely the hardest part is just staying home alllll day.  We are going to keep staying home for a few more days.  Yeah, that's definitely the hardest part.


  1. You Momma says:
    Hang in there. She'll get it eventually. It's hard figuring out the feeling that tells you need to go....and then when you figure out you need to go, starting and stopping those muscles at the appropriate time.