Monday, October 8, 2012

The 3rd Party for Our 3 Year Old

On Thursday Ellington had her third (and final!) birthday party. :)  It is kind of hard to figure out how to handle birthdays.  When everyone from our families is able to come it is quite a crowd and to add friends to that would be too much.  Until this year we have just had one birthday party that was only family.  Since Ellington is getting a little older I wanted to be able to include some of her little friends, but since this party would be in addition to the other "big" party, I wanted to keep it small.  So anyway....since this year was a princess theme I decided just a few little girl friends would probably be best.  We invited Austin who lives next door and is in Ellington's class at school and at church and we invited Reese and Katelyn who we have regular play dates with!  Three girls seemed like the perfect number for this age!

Since we already had the other party, I didn't have to do much to get ready for this one!

The first thing the girls did was to paint some little princess themed figurines.  Ellington was SO excited about getting to paint!




Then the girls decorated magic wands!

It was so much fun having some of her friends come over for a little party!  Ellington loved having them all here!  

The shoes below were part of one of her gifts from the party.  I am pretty sure she has been wearing them almost constantly since then. :)

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