Saturday, October 13, 2012


Last night was Pumpkinpalooza in downtown Starkville.  It's definitely one of our favorite traditions!  Ellington decided that she wanted to dress up like a giraffe this year.  She has been telling me for months that that's what she wanted to be.  I think she's the CUTEST giraffe that I've ever seen!!!

Ellington was SO excited!  I don't think she had any clue what we were doing, but she was excited nonetheless! 

We started off the night with supper at Old Venice with our friends Todd, Stacie, and "baby" Wade (we all still call him that even though he isn't a baby anymore!).  It was extra fun because we ate there last year with them before Pumpkinpalooza!  I am corny and like doing traditions like that. :)

After supper we hurried outside and took some pictures before it got crazy crowded!


This was the best we could do with E and Wade. :)  In the picture I took of them last year he was just a tiny baby!

Next we met up with the Ketchums at the pep rally!

Little friends :)

After the pep rally they had a basketball demo (I have no idea what they actually called it.  They had a half court set up in the middle of the street and did basketball stuff.  Ha).  Anyway, the kids were kind of done just sitting there so we went and trick-or-treated at the downtown stores.  This was the first time Ellington had ever trick-or-treated.  So had no clue what was going on at first but once she figured out the gig she thought it was the best thing ever! :)

We had a great time but didn't stay just a really long time.  It started getting really crowded and ya'll....there aren't many things that frustrate me more than wild greedy children.  There were so many kids (who were too old to be trick-or-treating anyway) pushing, shoving, and being rude just to get candy.  Not fun.  So we had our fun early on and then went to Bops for icecream!  :)

When we got home Ellington went through her candy. :)  She didn't have much because we didn't stop at many place but she thought it was sooooo wonderful!

What a fun night!

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