Friday, October 19, 2012

Big Girl Bed

Monday after nap Robert took down Ellington's crib and set up her big girl bed.  Because Ellington slept great in her crib and never climbed out I decided to wait until she turned 3 to make the transition.  We have some more things that we need to do to the room (like hang the curtain...please ignore the trash bags!!!) and take the polka dot stickers off the wall (left from previous owners), but we are making progress on her room!  

We had to set her bed up against the wall the first night.  I bought double bed rails from someone but they didn't work out at all.  We went to Wal-Mart to buy some more, but they only had one.  So we got it and pushed the bed against the wall rather than put it in the middle of the room like I had planned.

Climbing up for the first time! :)

If you can't tell, she was a little tiny bit excited! :)

My "baby" is growing up soooooo fast.

I took this picture right before I left her room for the night.  She was really excited until she realized I was really going to leave her in there.  She said, "But Mama, it's too big".  

Ellington did great the first night in her bed!  She didn't fall asleep that afternoon at nap so she was super exhausted.  I think that worked in our favor! We have had a slightly major problem with the big girl bed.  She didn't nap at all this week.  :(  Boo.  She would just play and play and play in her bed.  Today she finally went to sleep at  nap for the first time all week so I am keeping hope that naps aren't totally over for her!  Not only do I need the break, but she needs the rest!  She has been sooooooo exhausted at bed time this week.  It's also kind of messed up her overall rhythm because she has been waking up super early too.  When my alarm went off at 6:00 Wednesday morning she was already awake...and I have no idea for how long!  Hopefully as she gets more use to it, she will start napping again.

We were able to get another rail and moved her bed to the middle of the room.  This is a picture with the rails folded down.  

I can't believe that we don't have a crib in the house anymore! (sniff sniff)


  1. Your Mother says:
    Should have just moved it to the "office" to await my second grandchild from you all.

  2. Too cute!! I love it!! It all looks great, and she looks so excited!!