Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ellington's Birthday Zoo Trip

We decided that we wanted to take Ellington to the zoo on her actual birthday. So after school on Monday we headed to Birmingham.  Ellington loves loves loves staying in hotels.  So she was thrilled when she found out a hotel was part of the whole experience. :)

Tuesday morning we were at the zoo right when it opened!  Unfortunately, it was raining. :(  We were in the rain most of our time there but it was manageable...unlike when we were going to go to the Memphis zoo last spring and there were torrential downpours and lightening!  This was the first time Ellington had ever been to a zoo.  While the rain was kind of a pain, we saw almost all of the exhibits completely by ourselves which was really nice!

As soon as we saw a new animal, Ellington would say "Ok, now I want to find another animal".  Ha.  She was fast paced and on a mission at the zoo!

Ellington loves giraffes!  It was fun showing her real ones! :)

It was so fun spending Ellington's birthday with her at the zoo!

The last thing we did was ride the train around the zoo.

What a fun birthday!!!  After the zoo we went out for pizza and did some shopping.  While we were in Birmingham we got Ellington's big girl bedding so that transition will be coming SOON!  

We can't believe that our sweet girl is THREE.  We are so so so proud of her and are beyond grateful to be her parents.  I know it sounds goofy, but I am SO glad that God chose me to be her Mama!

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