Monday, May 6, 2013

Big Sister Class

On Saturday we took Ellington to the big sibling class at the hospital.  I had been looking forward to this for months and we almost missed it!  Ah!  Apparently I had the 2012 class schedule, so I thought that the class was next weekend.  Thankfully I discovered my mistake Friday afternoon and we were still able to attend the class on Saturday.  If we had missed it I would have ugly cried.  For real.  I was that excited. :)  

I wasn't the only one who was excited.  This little girl was pretty excited too!

Ellington had her own little doll that she got to take care of.  She took off her clothes, gave her a bath, put on a clean diaper, put on a new shirt, and a hat.  She followed the teacher soooo closely and LOVED doing it!

She also swaddled the baby, gave her a bottle, and burped her!
I am all set...Ellington can do everything now. :)

She passed the class and got a certificate and a tshirt!

After the class we toured the labor/delivery and postpartum areas.  I was most excited about Ellington being able to do this because I knew it would help her visualize where we would be and what would be happening.  

We were all very disappointed that there were no babies in the nursery to see!

We also enjoyed the tour because this wing of the hospital is completely new from where we had Ellington.  It is sooo nice and I am actually looking forward to my stay. :)  

We had such a fun time at the Big Sister class!  Ellington is ready.  Well, we all are!