Friday, May 3, 2013

Summer Is Here!

It seems a little weird giving this post the title of "Summer Is Here!" when it is currently 48 degrees outside on a May afternoon in Mississippi. But honestly, this pregnant lady is not complaining about the lack of warm weather. :)

Wednesday was our last day of school.  (Well technically, the last day of the school year was Thursday but I don't work on Thursdays.  E did go on Thursday because I had a doctor's appt. but that isn't a day she usually goes.)  This has BY FAR been the fastest school year ever.  If they all keep going this fast I am going to be 80 soon! We both had a really good school year.  Ellington loooooved her class and her teachers.  Spring Break was torture for her so I am not sure how she will survive until August with no school! :)

Last day of the school year - May 2013

First day of the school year - August 2012

So, I decided to let her wear her new precious Shrimp & Grits outfit to school on Wednesday because 1) They were having an icecream party so it fit the theme 2) It was raining and they wouldn't be going outside so it wouldn't get dirty and 3) We were having sandwiches at lunch so no ravioli stains.  I felt like it was a safe day to say the least.  Well ya'll, she cut her outfit with scissors.  Ahhhhhhh!  She has basically never used scissors before and I have no idea how it it happened, but wow.  It took awhile for me to get over. :)

Moving on...

Ellington in her classroom on the last day!

Ellington and Mrs. Meg
My favorite thing about Mrs. Meg is that I NEVER had to worry about E being loved unconditionally.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when adults talk harshly to children.  I never worried for one second that either of E's teachers would do that!!!

Mrs. Meg and Mrs. Lisa
We were so thankful for them this year!

My kids threw me a surprise baby shower on our last day!  So sweet and so fun!  They LOVED every second of it.  They all oohed and ahhhed and talked in high pitched voices when I pulled out baby clothes.  Haha.  I meant to get someone to take my pictures with the kids, but in the chaos of the last day I totally forgot.  

This summer will be very different for sure.  I will either be very pregnant or in the newborn fog, but I hope Ellington and I can enjoy it as much as possible!  We are thankful for such a wonderful school to work and play at during the school year!

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