Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Princess Tea Party

Two weekends ago a local children's store hosted a princess tea party.  I was sure to buy a ticket for Ellington the first day that they went on sale!  I knew this would be right up her alley! :)  I wasn't going to tell her about it until the day before or the day of, but a little girl in her class filled in her about it several weeks early.  Haha.  I guess they are already getting to that age!  I love having planned activities on Saturday mornings because Saturdays are kind of tough when Robert works so it is good to have something fun to do.

She was sooooo excited! 

When we first got there she was very overwhelmed (in a good way!).  The picture below was the best I could get out of many. :)

Belle and Cinderella hosted the tea party! 

They asked the moms to wait in an adjoining area because it would have been too crowded for us to all stay in the tea party room, but I snuck in for a few pictures.

Ellington loved it!  It was so funny when we got in the car after it was over because Ellington said, "Mama, I thought you said the real Belle and real Cinderella were going to be there.  They were just dressed up. They weren't the real ones".  Haha.  You can't pull anything over on her!

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