Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mother's Day (???) 2013

We went to the Princess Tea Party last Saturday morning and Saturday night the stomach bug hit. :( Several times during the late afternoon Ellington said that her stomach hurt. I was rocking her before bed about 7:30 and Ellington started throwing up...everywhere.  It was BAD.  We layed on a pallet on the floor together from about 7:30-11:30 and she got sick the whole time.  It was sooo pitiful and sad.  At this point we didn't have a mattress on the floor and laying down there with her was killing me.  I was so uncomfortable but as any Mama would, I felt like I needed to be right with her.  Praise the Lord she didn't get sick in her bed all night.  Sunday was Mother's Day.  Haha.  Happy Mother's Day!  We moved the mattress from the guest bed in the living room and that is where Ellington and I spent all day Sunday and Monday.  Those were some looong days. :)  But we made it!  It was so hard seeing her so sick and weak.  Thankfully Robert was around for the worst of it on Saturday night and Sunday.  He did lots and lots and lots of laundry!

Poor girl :(

This was our life for a couple of days.  Haha.  So glamorous! 

I was a little bummed about Mother's Day but I kept thinking about next year on Mother's Day I will have my picture taken with my pre-baby body and two sweet girls in matching smocked dresses. :)  We "rescheduled" Mother's Day for the next Sunday but we ended up in the hospital (more details to come!).  Haha.  Maybe Mother's Day just wasn't my thing this year!

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