Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Perfect Fall Weekend

Last weekend Robert didn't have to work (yay!!!).  We had the perfect weekend.  Usually weekends are kind of blah.  Robert works most weekends so I am alone with the kiddos and when he is off we either have stuff we need to get done or we feel some sort of pressure to make it awesome because it doesn't happen often.  But this past weekend?  We just hung out and enjoyed being together.  No pressure.  No stress.  We started off the weekend with a movie night in the living room.  Robert brought our king size mattress in so it took up the whole room. :)  Ellington was in heaven!  She looooved it!

Saturday we hung around with football on and the windows open.  So perfect!  On Sunday we went to campus to let Ellington do a "fall walk".  She love love loved collecting leaves!  She collected leaves like it was her J.O.B.  It was a beautiful day!!!

My sweet loves

I am trying really hard to get in the occasional picture!

We have quite a leaf collection now!

What a simple, perfect weekend!

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