Friday, October 11, 2013

Beach Vacation - Part Two

Ellington got a special treat on our vacation...she got to room with Connor & Brody (and their parents!). Finley still wakes up frequently in the night, so staying in our room would have been a little difficult.  I wasn't sure how Ellington would do, but she did great!  They all had pallets lined up around the wall and that's where she slept the three nights we were there.  I think it was fun for all of the cousins to sleep together.  We really appreciate Brad and Julie taking in another child. :)  Our second morning there, I found them all piled in bed watching cartoons!

Robert and Ellington spent most of the second morning at the pool, with a little bit of beach time thrown in there too.

I spent most of the morning in the room with this little love bug.  We did go down to the pool just for a bit to take Ellington a snack and snap a few pictures.

This day was EXTRA special because Ellington got to celebrate her birthday a day early with everyone!  Robert and I did a little decorating during nap time. This included a trip to Publix to get balloons in which we saw BOSTON ROB FROM SURVIVOR.  Soooooo random, but so great.  

This sweet birthday girl was just beside herself!  She felt so special and loved!

I would love to say that I made it, but really...Aunt Julie did. :)  Can you believe it?!  I am so not a cake decorating sort of person so I was totally impressed!  Ellington was THRILLED!

I can't believe that she is FOUR!

Everyone minus Laura who was taking our picture and Finley who was already in bed!

Next up....presents!

After presents we played a game!  We threw cheetos at Connor and Ellington's shaving cream heads.  Ha.  Connor and Ellington were loving it!

We wrapped up the birthday night with a bit of a dance party!!!  So much fun!

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