Friday, October 18, 2013

Finley {3 Months}

Finley turned 3 months old on Oct. 2nd!  This update is a little late and some of these things have changed since then, but I will write this post about what she was doing when she actually turned 3 months old! :)

Finley, what are you up to at 3 months old?

You wear size 3 month and 3-6 month clothes

You wear size 2 diaper

You still sleep in Mommy and Daddy's room

You love smiling at anyone who will talk to you, but Daddy is definitely your favorite! :)

You still don't like stop lights

Everyone comments about your big cheeks!

You take one or two morning naps and one long afternoon nap

You wake up two or three times a night

You nurse on demand 

You are really starting to notice things around you

You are loving your swing.  Mama is thankful for that!!!

You have started showing some signs of stranger anxiety

You still love bath time

You have started laughing

You sleep in your miracle blanket in the nap nanny

You try to pull yourself forward like you are trying to sit up when we hold you

Finley Catherine, you are such a precious baby and we are SOOOO glad that you are in our family!  Watching you grow is such a blessing.

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