Monday, October 21, 2013

Homecoming Parade

The homecoming parade is one of my favorite traditions.  Really, the parade isn't that great but for some reason I just love it!  It's a verrrry low key event and Ellington thinks it's wonderful.  I think it's perfect for little ones!  

Finley did GREAT!  We put her in the jogging stroller and I think that really helped.  She doesn't like her car seat AT ALL so not only was she not in her car seat but she was also facing out (unlike how she rides in her car seat stroller).

My two sweet girls!

After the parade we went to Chilifest.  It was....stressful.  It was really hot and the kids area was crazy.  Bouncy houses + kids who are not being watched by their parents = disaster
Maybe it's the preschool teacher/strict Mama in me, but I just can't stand that kind of chaos.  At all.  
Ellington was so happy to run into her friend Reese and hang out with her for a little bit!

We didn't stay long at Chilifest and both girls broke down on the way back to the car.  Ha.  Fun times. :)  Overall we had a great evening together!  I love doing things with my little family!

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