Saturday, October 5, 2013

Moments Around our House

These are just a few recent pictures I have taken.  I don't take nearly as many pictures as I did when Ellington was a baby, but I guess that's to be expected.  I do try really hard to grab my camera and catch some moments when I can.  

Finley did some exercises one day :)

Matching Bulldog Babies

Since Finley has been born, Robert has pretty much taken over Ellington's nighttime routine.  I think it's a special time for the two of them.  They do something called "super crazy silly hugs".  I am not sure what all it entails but it usually ends up being pretty loud and giggly. :)  Daddies are much more fun that Mommies! 

I really can't believe how big Finley is getting!!!

We recently pulled out the playmat that we had with Ellington.  Finley is a BIG fan! 

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