Monday, December 2, 2013

Hanging Around Before Thanksgiving

It's so nice having the whole week off for Thanksgiving!  The break from our school routine was much needed!  We spent a lot of time hanging out in our pajamas. :)

Ellington is loving art work lately and it's an easy way to keep her busy.  I try to change it up every now and then.  I drew some hearts on a big piece of paper and she was entertained for quite awhile.  Then she requested that I take her picture!

Finley is just growing and growing and growing!  These pjs were one of my FAVORITES of Ellington's.  I am so sad that Finley is about to outgrow them!

How PRECIOUS is she?!

There are no words for how much I love having two sweet girls!

Scissors + toy catalog + glue stick + construction paper = busy girl!

We loved having two days to just hang around before our busy Wednesday and Thursday!

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